Fresno City Employees Association

Important General Membership Meeting April 30, 2019

Important General Membership Meeting April 30th!

The General Membership meeting will start at 5:30 so mark your calendars now.  There will be important updates about Classification and Compensation salary increase budgeting for Fiscal Year 2020, the effects of the Money Back Guarantee Act on employees in DARM, the new uniforms being tested in P.D. Records, and other current issues.  Our Labor Representative Tony Silva will be updating us on current issues and answering questions.

City Council candidates who want our endorsement have been invited to talk about their upcoming races.   Although the primary races aren't until March of next year, it is important that you all have a chance to get to know the candidates before we all vote to endorse.  Come and take part in the democratic process of selecting who we support in the interest of good governance.  Electing the right people makes all the difference in the world to Fresno and all of us who serve Fresno!

Starting at 5:00 PM at Tuolumne Hall, 1445 Tuolumne St, there will be a delicious dinner served.  Chicken and tri-tip with rice pilaf, chili beans, and pasta salad all catered by Sheep Dog BBQ.   (there will be take-home boxes available)


 Cash Prizes Have Been Increased!

2 members will win $50

4 members will win $25 

30 members will win $10

Plus, anyone who does not win a prize will have their ticket submitted AGAIN at the next General Membership Meeting, thus doubling their chances then.  Name must be clearly written on ticket. Must be present to win, unless excused because of a return to work requirement.

This should be a fun and extremely informative night.

If at all possible, don't miss out folks!

See you there!  Sam Frank

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