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Important General Membership Meeting July 30th!

The General Membership meeting will start at 5:30 so mark your calendars now.  There are 3 candidates for the next Mayor of Fresno who are scheduled to appear.  Jerry Dyer, Andrew Janz, and Elliot Balch will all be telling you about their campaigns and taking questions from you.

Most of you know Jerry is currently still Police Chief here in Fresno, but is scheduled to retire well before the election takes place.  Andrew is currently a prosecutor for the District Attorney's office here in Fresno, and ran a very well organized campaign against Devin Nunes last election cycle, which came close to defeating the incumbent in a district formerly thought of as "safe".  Elliot Balch is the Chief Operational Officer for the Central Valley Community Foundation, and was Downtown Revitalization Manager for Mayor Ashley Swearengin.

As FCEA President I feel that I don't have to tell any of our members how important it is that we endorse the best candidate for the office of Mayor.  Whomever gets elected will establish the administration that we have to deal with for the next 4-8 years, which will impact either positively or negatively almost every aspect of change that we want to enact in our relationship with the City, from future salary concerns to rights in the workplace guaranteed by our contract.  If this is important to you, please make every effort to attend.

Both myself and Labor Representative Tony Silva will be updating us on current issues and answering questions.

Although the primary races aren't until March of next year, it is important that you all have a chance to get to know the candidates before we all vote to endorse.  Come and take part in the democratic process of selecting who we support in the interest of good governance.  Electing the right people makes all the difference in the world to Fresno and all of us who serve Fresno!

Starting at 5:00 PM at Tuolumne Hall, 1445 Tuolumne St, there will be a delicious dinner served.  Chicken and tri-tip with rice pilaf, chili beans, and pasta salad all catered by Sheep Dog BBQ.   (there will be take-home boxes available)


 Cash Prizes Have Been Increased!

2 members will win $50

4 members will win $25 

30 members will win $10

Plus, anyone who does not win a prize will have their ticket submitted AGAIN at the next General Membership Meeting, thus doubling their chances then.  Name must be clearly written on ticket. Must be present to win, unless excused because of a return to work requirement.

This should be a fun and extremely informative night.

If at all possible, don't miss out folks!

See you there!  Sam Frank, FCEA President

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Welcome to the official website of the Fresno City Employees Association.

Our Association was established in November 1957 as a non-profit corporation for the purpose of affording an opportunity for the expression and interchange of ideas and opinions on subjects of special interest to city employees. The purpose of the Fresno City Employees Association is to unite members in order to foster and maintain their mutual welfare and to promote their interest, safety, protection, and advancement. The Association negotiates with the City of Fresno on behalf of the members, which include the non-supervisory white collar employees working for the city. We represent members in labor relations, promote equality and equity in work practices, and advocate for member rights in the workplace.

If you are an active member in good standing, and have not already done so, please register for a user account. It is the only way that you will be able to enter the members’ only area and access the information and services there. Clicking on the “Apply” icon on the right side of the page will start the member registration process. You will need to provide some personal information and be asked to choose a username and password. Please make sure to fill out the application completely and accurately so we will have your correct name, address, phone number and e-mail address. You will be required to provide a personal email address to register as a member. If you do not currently have a personal email account, one can be created at yahoo.com or gmail.com with no cost to you. You should also provide your cell number so you will be able to receive text alerts when new or urgent information has been posted to the website. Your personal information will not be shared or sold and registration should only take a minute or two.

Logging into the website with your username and password will grant you access into the secure “Members Only” section. Your account application should be verified within 24 hours and you will be sent an email confirming your account activation. Please contact the site administrator immediately if you have any questions or problems.

We are still working on the website and new information should be added frequently, so please check back often. We want this website to be a dynamic and helpful tool for members of the Fresno City Employees Association as well as the public.

In the near future we hope to include additional features such as an expanded document and forms area as well as an online polling mechanism. Please feel free to explore the site and provide us with your feedback.

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